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About us - Eve Pharmacy

About Eve Pharmacy

About Eve Pharmacy

We are reaching the scope of being the best medical and medication supply provider in the locality in Ajman. Thus Eve Pharmacy will be the perfect health destination for you and your loved ones in acquiring medical supervision advises on your medication requirements with affordable price ranges and high end of customer care experience. We are claimed to be one of the oldest catering the Ajman Garden City mixed communities throughout a decade understanding their medication needs suits their habitats and cultures across wide range of diversity of nationalities. Today, we have grown to become a pharmacy constituting Nutritional, Pharma, Fitness, Skin Care, Hair Care, Baby Care, Retail and Lifestyle brands including high end products with luxurious preferences and moderate ranges to suit your budgetary requirements. We have more than 40K happy customers in and around Ajman who spreads the good vibes of Eve Pharmacy and the genuine medical practice of the pharmacy experts. We’ve assured that Eve Pharmacy is accessible to everyone and affordable for everyone who is with us – our motto speaks – Your health matters

Our Vision

With our Vision to become the primary choice for customers when it comes to healthcare, Beauty and Baby Products in the Ajman Locality, We had a tagline – Your Health Matters. Our one and only objective was to create an Eve Identity as a Brand and we are striving the successful adherence passing victorious milestones. Thus we are planning to open up the subsidiaries for ease of access locations and destination creating the Eve Brand opening and providing opportunities for the communities to join our success story as professionals in the industry, while adhering to the best practice guidance of Ministry of Health Instructions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to practice a dedicated service delivery in making our vision a success. I creating a fruitful Eve Culture and a recognition across UAE, with multiple service amenities, facilitating the customer care requirements, prioritizing the customer medication strategies. 

Thus our mission shall be accomplished while rewarding the community with maximum capacities of catering the utmost medication requirement with qualitative and quantitate supply of medication demands with standardized approach.


  • Eve caters mixed nationalities
  • Caters your language requirements
  • High end product availability
  • Suits every one’s pocket affordability
  • Availability of medical ranges and the alternatives
  • Specialized in prescription service
  • High end product availability
  • Cosmetology special arena
  • Highly qualified and experience staff
  • High attentiveness of KYC
  • Attention to your specified details
  • Super care and high customer service
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